Are you confident in your security protections?

Securing your organization is a balancing act between reducing risks and budget. Most organization leaders need help to determine the right-level of security investments. We have the experience of framing an organization’s security risks in terms and actions that enable senior leaders to feel confident in their security posture.

Business Risk Management

We assess the organizations security risks, current practices, policies, and compliance requirements to develop a set of prioritized recommendations. We then consult with management regarding actions and budget trade-offs.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

We can document a robust set of operating procedures for use in the event of a disruptive event, security threat or breach. In addition, we can test the plan and train the organization on procedures to put the plan in motion. According to the Ponemon Institute annual Cost of a Data Breach studies, having a tested incident response plan had the highest impact to reduce the cost of responding to a security breach.

Internal Threat

It is quite common that security breaches are enabled by employees. From clicking on a phishing email to making mistakes in system configurations, employees can inadvertently leave an open door for a cybercriminal. We can perform an in-depth assessment to evaluate both malicious and inadvertent threats from employees.

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