Cyber Security

Are your systems updated and configured correctly?

Often internal systems are misconfigured or not kept up to date with the latest security patches. This is a common, preventable security vulnerability. Our advisors can assess a wide range of infrastructure, policies, and practices on a one-time, quarterly, or annual basis to keep your systems prepared for the latest threats.

Access Control

We can audit physical and virtual access technologies and restrictions to ensure only authorized personnel are allowed access.

Vulnerability Assessments

We can evaluate the organization’s vulnerability management systems and processes including vulnerability scanning, analysis, penetration testing, and reporting. Assessments can be conducted as part of review or for a breach forensics investigation. Our advisors have in-depth experience with various security scanning tools within open or closed networks.

Malware/Virus Protection

We can assess the organization’s current malware protection solution to evaluate efficacy against the latest threats. We can also independently investigate replacing your malware protection solution and recommend the best fit for your organization.

Telework Security

We can assess services and methods to ensure telework and virtual
conferencing methods are properly secured to prevent leakage of
sensitive data while employees work remotely.

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Cyber Security




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